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Our Service

Custom software is developed to solve specific business requirements with the objectives of enabling optimal business transactions and processing critical business information.

Business transactions include automation of business operation, electronic business such as Internet commerce and EDI, and integration with customers and vendors' systems.

Business information include operation status, performance valuation and analysis, and acquisition and processing of external data.

For new developments, Logico provides your business with the expertise to develop web centric applications running on your local Intranet or on the public Internet. Ideally, these applications are developed using the Java platform on both the server and client. When necessary, pure HTML clients are developed, as is the case with some Internet commerce requirements.

Most custom information systems require the integration with existing systems developed using various programming and operating systems environments. Logico provides you with expertise with Microsoft Windows based applications as well as Business Basic based products.

Overview of Custom Software Development

Systems Analysis and Design: Development begins with the analysis of business objectives, problems and management goals.  This Business Analysis stage is positioned as a recurring activitiy, and more importantly, as the most crucial activity that defines the remainder of the development process.

As the requirements are explored and identified, an analysis of their impact on existing systems and requirements for new development is performed.  The architecture of your custom software is defined, as well as hardware requirements, prepackaged software such as core accounting when applicable, third party tools as required or directed by vendors and/or customers.  This activity is widely recognized as the Systems Requirements.

Software Design interprets the requirements defined by the business and systems analysis, and composes the objects making up your information systems. Although it is technically involved, your involvement in this activity is crucial, and we filter out technical barriers to ensure your positive participation.

Development: The programming and quality assurance activities naturally follow.  New components are developed and modifications to existing systems are implemented. We continuously measure the accuracy of the systems solutions by reviewing the components with you as they are developed.

Implementation:  As the software is developed, plans for user training and support requirements are established.  Implementation begins with users training followed by components installation and deployment.

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