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Development Methodology

Business Analysis

  • Identify Business Objectives
  • Document Business Processes and Flow
  • Highlight Critical Objects and Processes
  • Document System Features

System Requirements

  • Explore Required User Experience
  • Determine Technological Needs
  • Establish Software Requirements
  • Establish Technical Support Requirements
  • Provide Cost Projection

Software Design

  • Document System Objects
  • Document Objects Interaction
  • Validate the System Architecture
  • Select System Components


  • Build the System Components
  • Develop the End User Documentation
  • Develop Test Plan
  • Develop User Training Plan
  • Develop Deployment Plan
  • Identify Support Procedures

Quality Assurance

  • Test System Solution
  • Verifty All System Components
  • Verify System Performance


  • End User Training
  • Deploy System Components
  • Monitor System Performance
  • Finalize Support Procedures


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