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Since its inception in 1992, Logico has been serving small and medium sized businesses in the following industries:

Light manufacturing and heavy equipment manufacturing.
Enterprise Resource Planning, Material Requirements Planning, Production Orders, Scheduling, Routing.

Wholesale Distribution
Inventory Control, Product Replenishment and Purchasing, International Trade, Electronic Commerce.

Equipment Repair Service
Service Management, Equipment Service History, Parts Assemblies, Outsourcing, Warranties


New systems are developed using the Web Application architectures running in a private Intranet, or the public Internet. These systems are developed with the Java 2 platform, utilizing J2EE various components such as EJB, Servlets and Java Server Pages. User interface components are developed using either Java Applets or pure HTML when necessary.

Systems integration components are developed using the integrated systems' native environment whenever possible, utilizing network based messaging and communications between the new system and existing technology. Logico's staff has extensive experience in Unix and Microsoft Windows based systems, and has successfully integrated with numerous products developed for both platforms.

Logico makes no representation for any hardware or software vendor, and has no loyalty to any product or brand name. This is a principle upon which the company was founded; it is the only way a client is served properly.



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